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Are You Really Ready for Love?

As I continue to work with women on love relationships, I am often presented with negativity. It amazes me!

Those who are looking for love have fallen into the societal norm of believing that it's difficult. I want to flip that script and say that it can be easier if you prepare properly. We want everything to come to us without any work on our part. I get it, working on yourself can seem daunting. What do I need? What do I do? Where do I turn?

I want you to know these first steps that you can take to begin the "readying".

  1. Get to know you. Some of us don't know who we really are. We know how we were raised and what we were told to believe. Take a good look at if these things are still true for you. What are your beliefs? How do you want to live now?

  2. Know who you want. Again, society will tell you who you should desire as a mate. Why would you allow that?! Once you figure out who you are, you get to decide who you want. Don't just concentrate on the outer package. (which really doesn't matter!) The internal qualities are most important and way more critical. What personality do you need? (Notice I said NEED)

  3. Make room. This can be difficult. Too many of us are afraid to be alone. We hold onto situationships way past their end date. We are not comfortable if we don't have someone calling or texting us daily. It is important to clear space for what you deserve to make its way to you.

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