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The Grown Newlywed works with women who are engaged or newly married over 40 to learn how to “love their husbands better”.  Embracing the journey of love and growth, the Grown Newlywed community is here to empower women over in their pursuit of intentional wifing. Join us as we navigate the unique challenges and celebrate the joys of merging grown-ness together.


True love is a journey, not a destination. It's the commitment to constantly work on our relationship that makes it beautiful. ️One secret to a successful marriage lies in the dedication to never stop nurturing the love between two souls. Cherish each other every day.  From personalized coaching to group sessions, we're here to support you every step of the way. Let's embrace this beautiful journey together.

Robyn Murphy has 35+ years of experience in the education field. Half of those years she has coached in literacy education. In recent years she has put her undergraduate degree in Psychology to work as a certified life and relationship coach.  

Robyn was a grown newlywed herself.  After many years of singlehood, she married for the first time at 43 years old. She never thought that marriage would be difficult; why would it be with two grown people.  She wants you to skip the struggle and learn from her how to love your husband better. It certainly can be done!

With over a dozen years of premarital and marriage counseling work, that she conducts with her husband Kevin, Robyn has counseled many grown wives. She had developed programs and resources to make the work easier, while building a community of wives who are growing and flourishing.

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