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The Grown Newlywed is for women who are engaged or newly married over 40 to learn how to “wife with intention”.  Generic marriage advice often is lacking when it comes to grown newlywed issues.  With age comes a different set of puzzles and merging grownness is an entirely different task.  

Robyn Murphy has 35+ years of experience in the education field. Half of those years she has coached in literacy education. In recent years she has put her undergraduate degree in Psychology to work. She has worked on projects in 34 of the United States and has traveled internationally for missions work in Africa and Central America. 

Robyn was a grown newlywed herself.  After many years of singlehood, she married for the first time at 43 years old. She never thought that marriage would be difficult; why would it be with two grown people.  What she soon found out was that it could be difficult and frustrating and confusing too.

With over a dozen years of premarital and marriage counseling work, that she conducts with her husband Kevin, Robyn has counseled many grown wives. When seeking resources that are particular to this age and stage of life, she always struggled to find the right fit.  That is how The Grown Newlywed was born.

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