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Grown Newlywed

The Grown Newlywed is for women who are engaged or newly married over 40 to learn how to build a stronger relationship with their husbands.

you didn't wait all this time to be 

bad at it!


I was a Grown Newlywed; I got married at 43.  I soon found out what people meant when they said "marriage is work".  I thought it would be easy because we were mature... Well, I made it through and it became much better.

I have found my calling and am a certified life and relationship coach. My goal is for other grown women to learn from my experience and skip the struggle to building a strong relationship with your husband.

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Robyn Murphy

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Why I Created The Grown Newlywed

Unlock the secrets to a thriving marriage with The Grown Newlywed. Robyn and Kevin's years of counseling experience have empowered countless grown wives to navigate the unique challenges of marriage at this stage of life. Join us on this journey of love, growth, and lifelong companionship.

The Grown Newlywed community is here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to thrive in your marriage. Join us as we uncover the unique puzzles that come with age and learn how to wife with intention. 

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Following Contexts

  • One on One (1:1) in monthly blocks

  • Two on Two (2:2) in monthly blocks (with her husband)

  • Group Coaching with up to 6 wives

  • Speaking engagements for women's groups

  • Also, Husband Huddles are available with Kevin Murphy by request


Coaching Services?


One on One

Receive  One on One Counseling Services to discuss marital situations, wifing with intention and areas of concern.

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Two on Two

Receive  Two on Two Counseling Services to alleviate marital concerns, and learn how to improve your marriage.

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Group Coaching

Join a Group  Counseling Program  to decide what kind of wife you want to be. 

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Loving Mature Couple

Over 40 to learn how to “wife with intention”.  Generic marriage advice often is lacking when it comes to grown newlywed issues.  With age comes a different set of puzzles and merging grownness is an entirely different task.  

Perhaps you find yourself in silly arguments with your new husband. You are beginning to doubt your communication skills. You are thinking, "We are full grown adults, how can it be this hard?!"

I know. I was there. I can help you have a successful grown marriage.


Newly Married

What People Say

“By attending this program, I learned to be more intentional with listening to, learning about, and loving my spouse with healthy compromise when necessary. (Smile)" 

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Ready for Love?

Those who are looking for love have fallen into the societal norm of believing that it's difficult. I want to flip that script and say that it can be easier if you prepare properly. 

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Grown Newlywed 

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